Teaching and learning in the era of knowledge

In the so called “era of knowledge” we, as humankind, are facing many challenges. One of those challenges that will impact our children is education. How do we prepare them to deal with the different even contradictory data and sources. For years in schools we have taught WHAT to think instead of teaching HOW to think, we wanted our children to memorized history, geography even mathematics. Moreover moms, the principal influence in our youth, enjoy their little ones to recite poetry by heart, but is that the correct way to learn? What should we be expecting from our children education? This is still an open question and a hot topic within the ministries of education around the world. For now I leave you with an excellent video on the topic from fwthinking.com and a link to their youtube channel in case you want to know more of their work.

[1] FW:Thinking


Particle Physics in a Nutshell

Have you heard of the Higgs Boson? Do you Know why it was so important? What about trying to understand what the Standard Model of Particle Physics really is. I know it sounds so complex that many of us try to avoid the topic because we think it is impossible for us to understand it, but fortunately people at CERN create material for the general public so we can grasp the importance of these investigations and at what point we, as humankind, are right now. If you wish to go beyond I can recommend some other sources, I leave the links to them at the bottom of the video.

Higgs Boson

The Grand Design

Changing feathered ideas about birds origin

Science is about changing and adapting ideas when new evidence comes up and when we are trying to solved the history puzzle of life it becomes more evident. Recently the position on the avian family tree of the famous Archaeopteryx is been under controversy. Now a Jurassic fossil called Ausornis xui may qualify as the first bird in the records of science. If all the story results to be true it will imply that flight evolved in dinosaurs only once. If you want to learn more please visit the Nature web page and listen to the Podcast [1].

The half-metre tall Aurornis xui, which lived in China 150 million years ago, is believed to be the earliest known member of the bird family tree.

[1] New contender for first bird

About Piled Higher and Deeper

Today I will like to talk about a web comic that came as a fresh intent to picture life as how Ph.D. students see it everyday. It started as a normal cartoon by Jeorge Cham in The Stanfor Daily and evolve into a web site that almost every PhD student I know reads. Moreover there are lots of people like me that waits anxiously for the next strip. I hope you enjoy the strips as much as I do! [1]


Taken from PHD Comics

I love Cecilia


My PhD adviser is more or less alike


If you are thinking, yes it is just like that!


My wanted life in a cartoon!


I saw that happening in my bioinformatics class last monday, very bizarre!


If you felt like identified, you are a PhD student or have been into science.

[1] PHD Comics web page.

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World’s smallest movie!!!

Technology is going so fast and high technology devises are coming so rapidly into the market that the common people rarely stops to think or reflect about what exactly the new technology implies? Now a team of IBM researchers make the world’s smallest movie using atoms, yes atoms thanks to a new technology tool called “scanning tunneling microscope” we now are capable of visualize and move a single atom from one position to another over a surface. I leave you with the original video and with the making the movie video.

I also leave a link to PHYS.ORG where you can find a very nice coverage and the full story about this atom movie.

Atheists On Religion, Science, And Morality

Hello everyone!

I’m more than sorry because I haven’t post for a very long period (almost a month). This time I will be leaving you with a long video. It is from “The Point” [1] a web show that is becoming better every time I see it, but that’s just my appreciation. I would like you to watch and listen carefully because although the discussion focuses on USA issues, it could lead us to analyze the cases in our countries. So please relax and prepare all your neurons to be very critical with the content of the discussion about Atheists, Religion, Science and Morality.

I first knew about this video by the RDFRS News Channel [2].

[1] The Point.

[2] RDFRC News


The energy endgame, isn’t it?

From the Nature’s series “Confrontiong the Universe” the second discussion about climate change and the actions that we and our governments should be taken. Can you imagine the consequences of reaching the point in which we run out of fossil fuels? What about the nuclear power that although we have the technology to exploit it we really suffer the consequences when our security measures fail. It is an open question, what path we are going to take? (as humankind). So please enjoy and hope you find it interesting.